Drafting Rituals

One of the best gaming experiences the Legitadmin ever had, was drafting for Magic: The Gathering Cube format. Cube Draft is a wonderful experience which combines elements of constructed play, trading and playing a game with friends. Anthony NiL introduced me to Magic: The Gathering in 1997 with the Portal starter set edition. Roughly 20 years into the future, Anthony and I decided to create own our drafting card game. This is the story of COVEN. Welcome to our fourth post, where the Legitadmin will narrate the story of our game from its conception during Global Game Jam 2016 to where we are now.


This year, during GGJ16, we wanted to create a game that was fast, fun and easy to play while still remaining true to the Legitamine aesthetics. Since only the two of us planned on jamming, we circulated around creating a card game or boardgame with a drafting mechanic. Then, a few days before the Jam started, I had an unexpected conversation with Renaldas “Rej” Zioma. He told me that he was booking tickets for Athens and wanted to participate with us in this year’s Jam.

Renaldas and Legitamine met for the first time during last year’s GGJ in Athens. After the jam was done, we had a chance to sit down and exchange ideas with Rej in a traditional Greek tavern. One year later, we were super pleased to hear that Rej wanted to create a game with us. With this year’s theme (Rituals) and diversifiers announced, Anthony and I were inspired by the “Bard’s Tale” of Macbeth and thus COVEN was born. It was a privilege observing Rej work from Sunday midnight to noon and turn a Solitaire application into exactly what I had imagined for our demo!


Now, COVEN is still young and it matures through rapid prototyping and developing during the Annual Greek Board Game Design Contest, where we explore the tabletop nature of the game. From its creation, COVEN was made to be a hybrid that can exist in both media. We are happy to announce that is it being programmed by Rej and one day, there will be a digital version for all of you to play with us online!

Stay tuned for more COVEN and Legitamine doses! Thank you for reading this.


I’m sitting here on the Greek island of Kalymnos writing the first post of this blog. Today is my birthday and what a perfect gift you already gave me by reading this. My name is John Vladman and together with Anthony Nil, we are LEGiTAMiNE Games. We are a Game Design team with headquarters in Athens, Greece. Welcome to our blog and thank you for taking the time to dig into my thoughts.

Our name represents our desire to create authentic, legit games that aim to offer an engaging and rich storytelling experience. LEGiTAMiNE Games was born in Global Game Jam 2015, where Anthony and I teamed up for the first time to create a game in the 48 hour limit of the jam. We have been friends for as long as I can remember and together we have ventured into the landscapes of imagination by playing both digital and tabletop games for years. It was our childhood dream to create games of our own and, through this medium, express our thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and vision.

The aim of this blog will be to present each developmental stage of our board game LIESERL, from brainstorming sessions and early concepts to production and publishing. As we are living in interesting times, we will also be discussing topics from the fields of gaming, technology, education, philosophy, science and other things that attract our curiosity.

We are here to learn and, by sharing this experience, we hope to enlighten and entertain 🙂