Greetings again dear reader, it has been a while. Allow me to welcome you back as I take the role of Legitadmin and provide you with your dose of LEGiTAMiNE. Join us as we examine more closely What Lies Inside a Black Hole.

In the board game LIESERL, players act as the crew of a spaceship which has crossed the event horizon of a black hole. Finding themselves beyond the Point of No Return, the crew faces an environment of profound “otherness” and struggles to survive a series of events.

Crew - Early Concepts

Signals transmitted by versions of themselves from alternate timelines, encounters with new life forms and distortions in spacetime are only a fragment of what awaits them past the horizon.

The decisions they make will ultimately determine their fate.

The Goal of the game is to navigate the spaceship LIESERL into the Singularity of the black hole, a region where the spacetime curvature becomes infinite. A boundary which modern physics has yet to cross and where one of the greatest mysteries of nature resides.

We created the first version of LIESERL in 48 hours during the 2015 Global Game Jam and we are now glad to announce that we will be taking LIESERL to the 7th Greek Board Game Contest that will begin in 48 days!

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  1. we have not seen any black holes in our galaxy why ? because the sun is bigger than a back hole the sun uses its most powerful gravity to pus the black hole away if e dint have the sun the end of the universe will come

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